Series A – Be part of Medisanté’s Medical IoT journey
May 9, 2019
Empowering Connected Care

We Empower Connected Care

Medisanté has a vision: we want to make the healthcare system more efficient. Worldwide. In order to reduce healthcare costs and deliver better care to chronic patients, the shift to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is inevitable and imminent.

We have built a direct-to-cloud Medical IoT solution that radically simplifies the integration of Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD) into clinical systems. It makes RPM easy for care teams, bio-medical engineers, and patients at the same time. Because easy always wins.

With Medisanté, healthcare providers, pharma and clinical research organizations are ready to put IoT to work for care teams. We achieved this by partnering with global tech leaders such as Vodafone, AWS, and Gemalto.

Now that our first customers have successfully implemented the solution, it is time to strengthen our development and sales teams to enter the U.S. market, where reimbursement for RPM has recently been approved and implemented.


The Global Challenge

Chronic patients generate up to 80% of healthcare costs and in-person care is getting even more expensive with an aging population. While connected care is inevitable, collecting Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD) from remote patients remains a challenge for healthcare providers, pharma, and CRO. Care teams are disconnected from their patients at home: they cannot trust the data from hundreds of personal health devices and mobile apps of their patients.


Our Solution

Medisanté ELIOT Hub is the first global cloud-based Medical IoT Hub that connects any medical IoT device with any clinical system. It leverages global tech to put IoT to work for care teams. They allocate the device directly in their clinical system while their patients are freed from any Bluetooth/Wi-Fi hassle at home. The device sends back the readings into the clinical system via a direct-to-cloud connectivity.



  • Powered by AWS 
  • Connected by Vodafone
  • Secured by Kudelski
  • Equipped with Gemalto

Medisanté- SERIES A

  • 1.5 Million shares (27.3%)
  • Pre-money valuation: CHF 24M
  • Target subscription date: August 30, 2019


Additional documents can be requested by phone (+41 41 500 45 96) or via e-mail


Be part of our global Medical IoT journey.

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