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Jun 13, 2019
Remote Patient Monitoring RPM IoT Connected Devices

There are hundreds of companies targeting the medical Internet of Things (IoT) market to help healthcare providers and clinical software vendors capture the value of Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD). The Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance) has formed the Direct-to-Cloud Activity Working Group with a mandate to help medical device manufacturers and clinical software vendors leverage PGHD provided via direct-to-cloud connectivity.

About Direct-to-Cloud

The current generation of connected devices relies on the pairing of a medical device via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi to a smartphone, tablet or modem. Connecting directly to the cloud greatly reduces the complexity for the patient though, by eliminating any need for device configuration and pairing.

For example, an initial application targeted by the Direct-to-Cloud Activity Working Group is the one developed by the DM4All consortium to support ProEmpower to better manage type II diabetes. A key goal of ProEmpower is to help simplify the collection, integration and analysis of personal collected health data in multiple in-country systems. The DM4All consortium made it to the final procurement round to run a pilot in four countries (Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Italy) and relies on a direct-to-cloud integration of PGHD.

Join the Direct-to-Cloud Activity Work Group

Roland Bennett of Medisanté chairs the new Direct-to-Cloud Activity Working Group of PCHAlliance. He brings over 20 years’ experience in clinical IT and practical knowledge in the integration of various clinical systems including laboratory, radiology, billing and oncology. Most recently, Roland has been concentrating on devices used to monitor and treat patients at the point-of-care, in ICUs, ORs, EDs and in the home.

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